How Can SCI Help?

Full Range of Technical A&E Expertise

SCI has a wealth of Architecture and Engineering (A&E) experience in project planning, design and quality management within today’s technology driven environment. We understand and are adept in meeting our client’s objectives within this environment. SCI’s ability to monitor and control key project components such as scope, schedule, and cost, is an important aspect of our project’s success.

Adherence to defined project objectives and creating partnering arrangements when necessary with established and proven key consultants and contractors strengthens our abilities and resources to meet and often exceed our clients’ expectations. These strategic alliances allows SCI to leverage the entire team’s collective resources, skills and competencies which in turn minimize cost and maximize the quality of services to be delivered to each customer.

Hands on project management and total commitment to quality are the final ingredients to meeting the needs of our clients. Providing Professionalism, Courtesy, and Teamwork allows SCI to respond effectively and efficiently to these needs. Delivering total customer satisfaction builds relationships based on trust, mutual support and respect.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

We provide services for clients who are seeking dependable people with the precise technology background to minimize risk, guarantee quality, and provide fast solutions. Our objective is to assist you in any of the A&E areas including:

• Architectural design/computer aided design & drafting (CADD)
• Facility assessment/building systems analysis
• Design/build management
• Space planning & interior design
• 3D architectural modeling & animation


Realizing a project can vary in the scope of work necessary for its successful completion, our services can be either expanded or contracted to meet your specific objectives. SCI is flexible enough to provide professional services tailored to each project’s requirements. We have delivered projects ranging from 1,000 to 1,500,000 square feet. This base of experience and continued focus on planning allows us to deliver any and all of the services that may be required in a responsive, professional and cost effective manner.

• Continue to provide quality services to meet our clients’ needs
• Expanding our clients base within the government and private sector
• Enhancing past and present business relationships
• Seeking new ways to develop new opportunities and the challenge of providing innovative services to your organization
• Continuous internal development and use of technological advancements to better serve our clients

SCI looks forward to providing support services to your organization. Our company is prepared to prove our ability to provide on-site and off-site services for the mission at hand. SCI has support teams with the highest levels of respect, dedication and motivation. We look forward to the opportunity to support you, the same way we have supported others in the past.


“Star Communication, Inc. is the low risk option for your enterprise’s A&E needs.”