Star Communication, Inc. (SCI) is a service-oriented business that provides a full range of technical and professional expertise to service its customers. SCI was founded on January 2, 2001 as an answer to the demand of companies and government agencies looking for Information Technology (IT) professionals. SCI takes pride in assigning only qualified employees to provide IT solutions and services to its clients. Part of the company’s success is due to our highly qualified employees. The employees give us the ability to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Star Communication, Inc. is an established, profitable, and financially stable corporate organization. SCI provides a full range of technical and professional expertise in an ISO 9001 process-oriented environment. SCI is simply driven to excel in customer service. Professionalism, high level of integrity, ability to adapt, quality of work, diverse coverage of technology and responsive to both clients and employees are the attributes of SCI that generates client satisfaction. The relationships between SCI and our customers are monumental experiences. Therefore, SCI has recruited the best IT talent and given them state-of-the-art tools. Their personal skills and satisfaction aspirations are our assurances that customers are in good hands. Moreover, we’ve empowered them to be decisive and proactive. At SCI, we are especially proud of our customer partnerships and strive always for continuous improvement through open communication and attentiveness to our client.

Star Communication, Inc. (SCI) has many years of history delivering Information Technology (IT) services to companies of all sizes. Our business offers thorough IT analysis, creative architectural and software designs, and a full range of technical and professional IT expertise. Our highly qualified IT consultants enable us to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our clients. SCI provides innovative solutions by using proven methods to achieve project results:

  • Standards, Templates, Analysis, and Risk Management (S.T.A.R.). STAR is SCI’s lifecycle methodology that we have used to assist our customers in reducing the time to program completion, the number of undetected anomalies and defects, and the overall rework rate for major development projects. This provides significant savings in both lifecycle costs and overall productivity at reduced risk.
  • Life Cycle Engineering Model. SCI provides a standardized model for providing quality assurance throughout the engineering life cycle. This methodology includes the functions of analysis & requirements definition, design, development, integration, implementation, and maintenance & technical support.
  • Standardized Human Resources Processes. Successful recruitment and retention of quality personnel is a multi-faceted series of functions that rely on proven methods. Our corporate hiring plan includes dedicated recruiters to support staffing needs. Our turnover rate, corporate-wide, is lower than the industry standard of 25%. Hiring and retaining the right people is the key to minimizing customer risk.
“Customer service, above all things, will be the measuring stick to determine our success.
No excuses, Just results.”


Star Communication, Incorporation (SCI) is a company that is propelled by its vision to be a leader in the Information Technology market. We will be the premier producer of solutions for our client’s technological needs. SCI’s ability to deliver solutions extends from the aptitude of its employees, who have the knowledge and understanding of the Information Technology community.


SCI uses a highly effective team of professional personnel that will analyze your business needs and design a realistic cost effective solution. SCI will plan, design, implement and manage Information Technology projects as we meet and exceed the client’s needs.

As a customer who needs a solution, as well as to work with a superior IT team, you’ve found the right company – Star Communication, Inc.