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SCI has assumed and performed in many areas of responsibility.  A few examples of our past performance includes:

Agency Name: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Star Communication, Inc. (SCI) provides Physical Security services to the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) for the Department of Homeland Security.  SCI provides the Physical Security System components and labor needed to secure the entire TSL complex, to the mandated LEVEL III Federal Facility Standards.  Successful completion of this effort has insured compatibility and interoperability with DHS Headquarters Physical Security standards, equipment and practices incorporated into the design and construction of the recently commissioned TSL Independent Test & Evaluation Laboratory.

Agency Name: Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Star Communication, Inc. (SCI) Information Technology (IT) department designs and installs a monitoring network for all of the UPSs and emergency generators at the White Oak Campus located in Silver Springs, Maryland. SCI delivers a Liebert SiteScan Web network that uses microprocessor-based control modules to monitor and control Liebert precision cooling, power, UPSs and other critical equipment. The monitoring network powered by Liebert SiteScan Web enables the user to monitor and control equipment in a single building, an entire campus or a network of facilities around the globe.

SCI is dedicated to correcting the issues of power outages, loss of equipment and man hours. It focuses on the UPSs and emergency generators to ensure that they are ready to perform when called upon to function. SCI supports the FDA in the following areas: (1) UPS Monitoring Network Design (2) Network Management Protocol (3) Battery Management (4) Installation and Configuration of the Monitoring Network.


Agency Name: Veteran Administration (VA)

Star Communication, Inc. (SCI) managed an Architecture and Engineering (A&E) service to the Veteran Administration (VA) hospital located in Baltimore Maryland VA Medical Center. SCI and their team of consultants provided project management, architectural and engineering design services including interior design and planning, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering as well and radiological shielding design. The construction cost for the project was approximately $5.7 million.

The project consists of a new 10,500 square foot (sf) Radiology Oncology Suite constructed in the existing Lower Level of the Baltimore VA Medical Center. Construction included a radiation shielded bunker for medical linear accelerator with structure to extend down thru the existing 3 levels of underground parking to new foundations to bedrock below. The bunker was constructed of nuclear grade high density (250 PCF) concrete up to 4.5 ft thick to achieve required shielding. Interior finishes and colors based on the Planetree healthcare model incorporating art and nature into a non-institutional healing environment to create more patient centered and humanistic treatment spaces. Actual construction was carried out while adjacent areas remained occupied.


Agency Name: Defense Information System Agency (DISA)

Defense Information System Agency (DISA) is one of SCI’s DoD past performances that involved leading a team in Change Management, Application Development and Data Management. SCI conducted Business Process Reengineering (BPR) activities for this multi-year, multi-million dollar Information Technology initiative, and have supported its successful technology evolution for over a decade.

Prior to SCI, DISA’s government personnel used a legacy system which only performed 18 percent of its needed functionality. DISA found an immediate cost savings of millions by following SCI’s initial recommendations. The collection of artifacts and the suggested business process reengineering experience lead to the creation of a new application called Network Design Support System (NDSS) with hundreds of reports and validations that government personnel uses daily to analyze the CONUS and OCONUS access line, backbone areas and routing tables. The ability to interview and offer recommended solutions helped to achieve client’s buy-in on the implementation of this system with the functional capability to process business rules that would reduce manual processes to a 17-to-1 ratio.


Agency Name: Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)

DPS replaced the Transportation Operational Personal Property Standard System (TOPS), Personal Property Qualifications Web (PPQ Web), CARTS, TGBL, Intrastate, TOPS History, TOPS EDI, Two Dimensional Military Shipping Label, (2DMSL), and TOPS Remote Site Web Application (TRSWA) systems. DPS will subsume the Central Web Application (CWA), Personal Property Consignment Instruction Guide (PPCIG), and Interim Customer Satisfaction Survey (ICSS), which improved the management of DOD personal property. The SCI IV&V software testing team’s responsibilities included the testing of modules developed by the DPS Developer (SRA) as required in the government’s DPS Performance Work Statement (PWS).

  • Supported software/system analysis, testing and evaluation as an Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) tester.
  • Tested various transportation applications such as: TOPS, PTOPS, OTO Online Carrier Module and TOPS History to verify functionality within DPS.
  • Participated as part of a Test Working Group composed of government, IV&V and system developers responsible for joint review and acceptance of all software qualification-testing requirements.
  • Developed and updated test scenarios, including test procedures and scripts, to ensure system data and software operated on the target environment platforms and interface/integrates with the application.
  • Conducted advance reviews of developer test documents and evaluated them for coverage of requirements, adequacy of test cases/procedures, completeness of planning, and efficient use of test tools.
  • Provided pre-testing support by updating test database tables and store procedures using SQL
  • Performed Black Box testing techniques including Regression, Interface, Requirements and Error Handling testing on transportation web-based and mainframe applications.

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