Philanthropy Efforts

In January 2001 SCI vowed to help make a difference. SCI is not only a profit-driving entity, but a society changing vehicle that is destined to make a difference in communities. We invest in people, solutions and projects that support government and commercial needs. We have over 30 years of collective experiences from law enforcement, Information Technologies, customer service and United Military services. Our management team is highly motivated with the capability of bringing excellence to any challenge given. A few of SCI’s philanthropy efforts include:

Joining the Fight Against Cancer

SCI has joined the fight against cancer. Each year our company donates to a chosen organization in order to help fight this deadly disease. SCI’s philanthropy commitment is to work within the needs of the community. Everyone has been effected by the deadly disease of cancer. We believe by uniting with various organizations our financial donations and community support will help us get one step closer to ending this disease. We have donated funds to community programs and are looking to increase as the need rapidly grows.

Scholarship Program

SCI is a company that believes that a college education is a major factor for reaching the next level and that youth sometimes need a helping hand to get there. Each year SCI gives multiple scholarships to disserving youth. The recipients are high school graduates that demonstrate exemplary efforts academically, socially, and are an active member in the community.

Operation Fresh water (Nigeria, Africa) 

SCI is not only an active philanthropist within the United States of America, but also in Nigeria Africa. We understand the importance of donating time and money to a charitable organization and truly understand the importance of giving in love. SCI headed up an operation called “Operation Fresh Water” which provided a fresh well to two Nigerian villages in River State Nigeria.

Mentoring Elementary School (with Marine)

SCI understands how important it is for children to have good role models in their lives. Role Models whom our children can speak to and receive answers to their many questions. Someone who can assist bridging the gap that is presently in our children’s lives. We will have individuals from various fields ranging from Doctors, to Business Owners to Military Officers.

SCI had the pleasure to have an Active Member of the US Marine’s, Corporal Douglas speak to the children of his adventure in Iraq. We also had the pleasure in taking the children to the Commandant’s house, took a tour of the facilities and give the children a brief history of the house, each room and the symbolism of various items. We also had one of our very own speak to the children on various subjects ranging from Life Values, Self Respect, and Respect for others.